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Season 3: Shawn + Juliet = gazing

What i’m saying, is that i think, maybe the best things, the richest things, aren’t supposed to come easily. And that sometimes the moments that make the most sense happen when everything else doesn’t… and. well. i think you deserve more than popcorn tonight. So. Why don’t you let me take you to dinner?


Season 2Shawn + Juliet = gazing

 Shawn! Look, i really screwed up today and, i just want to say thank you for being there for me. It really meant a lot. 


Season 1: Shawn + Juliet = gazing

 You and you, are a 100 percent match from your personality questionnaires. I smell love!


I should catch up with work stuff since I haven’t really done anything since last Wednesday…

But right now I just really, really want to draw Shassie

"The hot lesbian junkie. How’s that for a prison cliché."

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